Torremolinos Bezienswaardigheden

Bezienswaardigheden torremolinos

Torremolinos: topactiviteiten – De leukste dingen om te doen‎

Torremolinos is een klein paradijs waar heel veel te ontdekken valt! Mooie stranden, spectaculaire beachclubs, hippie marktjes, trendy accessoires en dat in combinatie met creatieve mensen die genieten van het leven en van dit kleine paradijs. Een paar ideetjes om Torremolinos beetje bij beetje te ontdekken en zoals velen overkomt…altijd weer naar Costa dell Sol terug te willen!

Elk jaar zijn er ontzettend veel festiviteiten in Torremolinos. Van jaarlijks terugkerende evenementen, tot heilige feestdagen en van grote festiviteiten tot muziekfestivals, er valt van alles te beleven! Bruisend Torremolinos heeft een overzicht gemaakt van een aantal hele leuke feesten.

Beste Restaurants van Torremolinos


Spanje kent erg veel feestdagen, en niet alleen nationale feestdagen…. Nee, ook elk gebied en soms ook een stad heeft zo zijn eigen feestdagen. Het kan erg handig zijn om te weten wanneer er feestdagen zijn als jij naar Torremolinos gaat. Met een feestdag is het vaak namelijk zo dat alles gesloten is. Het is niet erg fijn dus als het een feestdag is op de eerste dag dat je in Torremolinos bent en niet weet dat je geen boodschappen kunt doen! Zie op de pagina Feestdagen een overzicht van de nationale en lokale feestdagen.



Tapas in Torremolinos

tapas torremolinos

Are you curious to try Tapas in Torremolinos? Then start in our place. Not only we are a celebrated and very popular local Tapas Restaurant, the location alone is gorgeous: seafront! And coming to Spain, there is no better place than having a lunch or dinner overlooking beautiful Mediterranean sea.

Ordering Tapas can be a frustrating process if you don’t know what to order, how much to order, and how not to order to much of the same stuff.

tapas in torremolinos

This  is why years ago El Gato introduced its famous Tapas Box! This a selection of 12 different tapas to enjoy: they represent different tastes, from typical Spanish tapas to the ones with an Oriental twist.

Tapas in Torremolinos: try our famous Tapas Box!

Tapas Box is so nice and festive, it is now the most popular way to savour Tapas on our beachfront terrace.

tapas in torremolinos
tapas in torremolinos

The chefs create a new Tapas Box every season, with the selection ever-changing.

So whenever you come to Torremolinos to try Tapas, remember of this fantastic opportunity: a romantic, festive way to eat Tapas in Torremolinos.

Planning a special birthday, anniversary or a  romantic night? A special tip: book a seafront table, at around 10 p.m. we have gorgeous views of the moon rising over the sea. A pretty unbelievable moment.

tapas torremolinos

El Gato Tapas by the Sea has been praised on Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet and even especially mentioned by Gourmet Magazine as “the most romantic table in town”

With more than 1800 Tripadvisor reviews, El Gato is the most visited tapas restaurant in town. Browse through the Tripadvisor reviews, and find out why so many guests choose to try Tapas Box by the Sea. Now it is your turn!

tapas torremolinos

“Love this place! Wonderful service. The best cava sangria you could have! And super yummy tapas! We always try something new and are never disappointed. Even brunch was fantastic! Plus Wednesday night is 1/2 price bottles of wine, yes please!”

“Wonderful! We are so excited to have discovered this place! We ordered so much tapas food and loved it all! Family friendly, date friendly, and girls night! They had a band and flamingo dancer while we were there. Wonderful service”

tapas torremolinos
tapas torremolinos

“What a fun place, this El Gato restaurant! I’ve been here several times with different groups of friends and have had a blast every time. The food is great. Tapas Box is a must. Just about everything we’ve ordered has been delicious. The Bravas, fried green peppers, Iberian croquettes, and bacon wrapped dates are a few I can remember.  Never thought that eating Tapas in Torremolinos could be such a delight. The drinks are good, especially the spice and ice martini. I also like that you can hang out at the bar after eating. No one is kicking you out of the place and instead you can still sit and socialize”

El Gato Tapas by the Sea!

Tapas in Torremolinos: El Gato Tapas Box by the Sea!