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Strawberry Mojitos

Mojitos are our speciality since opening in 2006. Nowadays we still serveour original Classic Mojito with Cuban Rum, Mint, Limes and Brown sugar. And the new arrivals are Strawberry Mojitos and Orange Mojitos. New tastes and the same great taste with fresh fruit!
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Passion of the Cat € 5.90

El Gato signature Cocktail prepared with chopped Lemon, freshly squeezed Orange juice, Smirnoff Vodka and Passion fruit. Filled with crushed ice to finish.
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Pink Cadillac

They say it is the favourite cocktail of Paris Hilton, and here is your turn to get a sip. Prepared with Amaretto, Red Fruit Granadina and Cream, it is silky smooth and sweet... Really Pink too!

Grey Goose Cosmo

Finest Grey Goose Vodka mixed with Cointreau, Pure Organic Cranberry Juice and Sugar Syrup. Garnished with an Orange Peel

Grey Goose Peartini

Frozen Grey Goose Vodka, Sugar Syrup and A slice of Pear. The hottest Hollywood cocktail of the moment, is here to try. Strong and elegant!

Frappuccino Caramelo

Ice-cold and creamy, lasts forever! Try in Caramel, Chocolate or Irish Coffee finish.